Qi Gong

Qi is the Chinese term for the energy of the body. In Chinese medical theory, the free circulation of Qi maintains a healthy body. Qi Gong is the art of using gentle, slow movements to nourish the body to improve one’s health and build glowing vigor. It is a soft, Yin approach to a strong wellness. Qi Gong is a necessary and important part of martial training—not to be left out. It soothes and balances out the more rigorous movements and application practices of Xin Yi and Martial Taiji. All internal martial arts systems have Qi Gong and that is one of the reasons of the great health, vitality, and longevity of their practitioners.

Easy, Focused and Slow

Bob Lau teaches several Qi Gong sets, including a special Qi Gong set developed by Master Qian Zhao-Hong (Master “Q”). Most of Master Qian’s Qi Gong exercises are done very slowly, taking 30 to 60 seconds to complete one repetition. This is very relaxing to the body, cooling to conditions of excess, soothing to anxiety and an elixir to the internal organs. The breathing is free and easy—often a full movement sequence is done over several breaths. Master Qian’s Qi Gong is exceptional for building the Dan Tian Energy, Kidney and “waist” (ming men) power, spinal Qi, and the Qi of the hands.

[one or two photos of this Qigong]

Master Qian’s Qigong

0. Preparatory Posture

1. Three Rings

2. Embrace the Dan Tian (Hold the Baby)

3. Hold Up the Sky

4. Squeeze the Ball (horizontal and vertical)

5. Roll the Dan Tian Forward and Backwards

6. Hold Up the Sky and Grasp the Earth

7. Cloud Chopping Hands

8. Searching for the Moon in the Lake

a. Skimming over the lake (arms out to the side, up and down)

b. Looking at the wing tips (alternating looking at the middle finger of each hand)

c. Lifting the moon out of the lake (lifting the palms, pushing into yong-quan)

d. Washing and swimming (alternating the palms and yong-chuan)

9. Phoenix Spreads its Wings

10. Fan Through the Back